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【1080P】Wireless Security Camera System (NO Hard Drive) Outdoor ANRAN 4 CH 1080P NVR Video Security System with 4pcs 1080P HD Night Vision Home Security Surveillance IP Cameras, Plug&Play, Remote View

4CH 1080P WIFI NVR+1080P CamerasKey
1. Auto-Pair Wireless Featuring AUTO-PAIR technology, cameras will auto pair to NVR recorder, no need to hook any video cables from the cameras to the NVR video recorder, just power on all devices and connect NVR to a monitor, then they are ok to go.
2. NVR with Built-in Router NVR with built-in router, it ensures a better wi-fi coverage; It does not use your home router bandwidth, reserves it for your TVs, tablets & phones.
3. Easy Remote Access, Receive Motion Alerts Easy live view on your smart phone from anywhere anytime; receive alerts when motion is detected.

Read before Buy:

1. Cameras are not Battery Powered - Each camera has a power supply with around 10 feet of power cord, and they will need to be plugged into a power outlet nearby.
2. Wireless - Cameras will auto-pair to the NVR video recorder, there is no need to hook any video cables from the cameras to the NVR video recorder.
3. Wi-Fi Range Limitation - the wi-fi signal can only go straight line, it will be reduced by walls, so please place the NVR video recorder as close to the cameras as possible. The cameras will not have a steady signal when the Wi-Fi signal goes through a wall with a steel beam inside or more than two concrete walls.
4. Please test cameras' wi-fi signal before Installation.
Package Includes:
* 4 x 1080P Wireless outdoor Cameras
* 1 x 4 Channel NVR
* 4 x 12V/2A Power Supply for Cameras
* 1 x 12V/3A Power Supply for NVR
* 1 x USB Mouse
* 1 x Quick Guide
Tips: >> You need a HD TV or PC Monitor with HDMI or VGA Cable to view and do settings on screen;>> Attention: system is full HD, TV & Monitor must support full HD(1920x1080).