Q58. System Initializing issue on NVR System

Stopped on the logo interface after rebooting and there was no response at all.


1. Please change the power supply, use another working power supply and check if it works normally or not. If the power is broken, the power will be insufficient, resulting in the system unable to run.

2. Please don't connect your camera system to your wifi router and then check it working or not

3. Please remove the hard disk (also don't connect NVR to wifi router, only connect a monitor), and then restart NVR, check it working or not.

Check your camera system according to the above steps, if still not working, please use software to restore the camera system to the factory Settings

please download the instruction from below to reset it.
before reset the nvr, please ensure the model of your nvr is "K9608","K8208"or "K9604","K8204". You can find the model number from the label on the back panel of nvr. 

(8CH is "K9608","k8208" and 4CH is "K9604","k8204")

"K9608" and "K9604": https://drive.google.com/open?id=19RkYD5HfwnrsYnBPI4uoe1M3MHKSK4XO

"K8208" and "K8204": https://drive.google.com/open?id=1flAxtP0kJyfJRaXB7OZPYAWNsXHp3tPR

Reset the NVR via USB disk:

1. Copy "help.rom" and "systool" to the root directory of the USB disk. (Put it in the USB directly, and don't create a folder)
2. Insert it into the USB port of the NVR;
3. Power on the NVR, it will auto restart after entering the preview screen and hear the sound of dripping. waiting for at least 6 minutes will be reset successfully;
If it cannot be reset after waiting more than 6 minutes:
Keep the USB flash drive plugged in, re-power off and then power on, wait 6 minutes until hear the sound of dripping;
1. U disk needs to be formatted into FAT32 format;
2. If the USB disk is not recognized, use the HPUSBFW V2.2.3.exe tool to format the USB disk.

3. The file on the USB disk only takes effect once. To re-operate, you need to re-copy it.

If still not working, please send email to us.