Q18.How to set up wireless camera system Email alarm?

★Before set up, please ensure that you have connected the NVR Recorder to a router network. And your email address support “smtp” server, if not, please contact the email customer service for a help.

Cloud ID should be ONLINE and the Network Status must be "Healthy Network" first. Please prepare a Gmail email address and we will set up the email notification as follow steps.

Step1. Login the Google account on your PC, click “Signing in to Google” to set “2-Step Verification” is off, and turn on the “Allow less secure apps”.


Step2. Go to NVR system, right click the mouse: System setup→Channel Setup→Video detection. Check Enable for Motion Detection→Open Alarm-mail Notice and App Alarm→Click Ok.

Ø Arming time---click this button, which you can set the alarm time.

Ø Area edit--- click this button, which you can modify the motion detection area.(default motion detection area is all the image which camera can see) 


Step3. Setup email account

Click right button→System Setting→Network Setting→Email. Enable E-mail function and fill email settings. Click Test until success. If test failed, please change another e-mail to have a try. Final Click Ok to save all the setting (No matter test success or not, please click Ok to save your setting first).

image.png    1514361696840754.png

SMTP Server

You email smtp server. For example: smtp.gmail.com



User Name

Sender e-mail address(Gmail e-mail address) to send alarm


Sender E-mail login password

Encryption Type

New version choose TLS / Old version choose SSL


Sender e-mail address to send alarm


Receiver e-mail address to receive alarm