Q22.How to connect wireless camera system on phone app

①View on mobile APP

Before using mobile phones to watch, make sure your NVR system is connected to the network

Step1.Download the IP PRO APP and install it on the phone.

----Please search “IP PRO”in Google play or Apple store and install it on your phone.

----Scan the following QR code to install it.


Step2. Run the IP PRO APP and register an account (for first time using) and then login. 

Step3. Click “+”, then click “Add device by ID”.



Step4.Scan or input the Cloud ID (find it in the NVR's Network Setting, or right bottom corner on screen), input the descriptions (you can enter any words as you like, such as “outdoor”), User name (default user name is "admin") and Password (default password is empty), then click submit.

Tips: If you had modified the password, please enter the password which you had set.

 1501566956520942.jpg blob.png

Step5. On your device list, click it to view the cameras.