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Q45.How to view POE camera system on PC?

DanaCMS is a PC client software, which you can view the cameras video in local and remote. Please download and install the DanaCMS client software on your PC from the CD which came with package, or download it frome the below link 

Windows: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByfQIIyKtetuMzZtdlFLbms3M2c

Mac: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByfQIIyKtetuazdsVDJKTWlzeEU

You can use the mobile phone Danale APP account to login the DanaCMS client, and the device which added by the Danale APP will auto added to the DanaCMS.

Step1: Open “DanaCMS”, you can use the mobile phone Danale APP account to login(Computer client and mobile APP is the same account and password). (If you have not registered, please register one)


Step2: Click “Add Device”, then click “Local Search” and it will auto search the device which was in the same LAN with PC (normally means they are connected to the same router), then you can select the device to add, define the Device name.




Tips:When your PC is out of local area network with the NVR (For example: view your home cameras from your office PC). Click “Add Device” then click the top right corner button “blob.png ” manual add.



Step3: Click “My Device” and double click the channel on the right of the window. Then you can view the camera video on your PC.